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Christine J Nicholson
Professor in the Theater department
at Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA
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3 Helpfulness
5 Clarity
3 Easiness
TA 302 Taken for Credit:N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Use: It's a must have Rater Interest: Really into it Grade Received: N/A

Her class wasn't the easiest, but isn't the hardest. She is a really great professor, she announces what needs to be done way ahead of time which is really helpful. We read quite a number of plays, but all the plays were very interesting to read.Her quizzes are super easy if you read it. None of her work was a big bore. I would recommend her!!

2 Helpfulness
2 Clarity
2 Easiness
TA 302 Taken for Credit:N/A Attendance: Mandatory Textbook Use: Barely cracked it open Rater Interest: Meh Grade Received: N/A

Readings on a lot of plays and quizzes on them as well. Take home midterm, 1 Research paper, Usher 1 play, see 3 plays, write a critique on a play and to wrap it all up is a final. I got an A on the midterm but her exams are really difficult. Also there's always extra credit.If you're not a theatre major I recommend taking a different GE class.

3 Helpfulness
3 Clarity
3 Easiness
TA302 Taken for Credit:N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Use: You need it sometimes Rater Interest: Sorta interested Grade Received: N/A

She is eccentric in a positive way. She is also enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. Shes also very approachable. However, she gives numerous amount of work with 2 quizzes every week, 2 midterms, a final and a 5+ page final assignment. The class is also a lecture only class. It would be nice if she switched it up for once. I give her 3/5

5 Helpfulness
5 Clarity
4 Easiness
TA1 Taken for Credit:N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Use: What textbook? Rater Interest: It's my life Grade Received: N/A

Best acting teacher I have ever had. She is very warm and approachable and passionate about theater. A wonderful wonderful teacher! Take her, she is the besttt!!!

4 Helpfulness
3 Clarity
3 Easiness
TA303 Taken for Credit:N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Use: Essential to passing Rater Interest: It's my life Grade Received: N/A

Nicholson is a very interesting woman and at times a little bizarre, but other than that, she is truly a ball of energy. Although the subject matter can be a little dry at times, she manages to keep things going. Also, she detests cell phones in class, and also people coming in late so watch out for that.

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