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5 Outfits Every College Student MUST Have In Their Closet

There are two types of college students when it comes to clothing. You have students who decide to bring every clothing item that they own to school, in order to have an endless number of possibilities. Then, of course, there are those who simply bring the bare minimum, and are often forced to live in the same old t-shirt for a week. Making decisions about whether or not to bring certain clothing items to college can be confusing and stressful! To help you sort it all out (literally), we’ve compiled a list of 5 outfits you MUST have in your dorm closet:

  1. Sweats

A no-brainer for most people! Having a hoodie and a pair of sweats keeps you warm in the winter months AND opts as the perfect lazy outfit for the days when you just can’t be bothered.


  1. Day To Night

Having a multi-purpose outfit that can transform from day to night is not only magical, but is a space-saver and a time-saver. For example, for all the ladies out there, simply throw on an oversized knit cardigan over a bodycon dress! It’s the perfect outfit to wear to your night class AND to the party that comes after it. No more going back and forth to your dorm just to change!


  1. Work-Out Gear

Part of being in college means indulging in unhealthy dining hall meals and experiencing (and, sadly, giving into) constant late-night cravings. An unbalanced diet will not only cause you to put on unnecessary poundage, but may also decrease your energy and focus levels. Having your work-out gear with you at school will help motivate you to stay active and burn some extra calories. Working out is also a great way to relieve stress! Try to shimmy on your work-out gear and hit the gym or go for a run at least three times a week — trust me, you’ll need it.



  1. Professional Attire

A blazer, a dress shirt, a pair of dress pants, and some loafers are must-haves in your closet. Even though you’ll probably only wear it a handful of times within the semester, having professional attire in your dorm closet will come in handy for those inevitable in-class presentations. It’ll also ensure that you look your best for any on-campus recruitment events. Hey, you never know – it might even help you land your dream job!


  1. Your Go-To Ensemble

Whether it’s a simple white t-shirt with a pair of jeans or your favorite oversized sweater with leggings, have a go-to outfit that achieves the “comfortable, yet put-together” look. Even though we all want to lounge around in sweats, wearing those pajama pants or that same shirt for three days straight isn’t always the best option – your go to outfit may help you look and feel your best once in a while!


  1. BONUS: A New Outfit Style You’ve Always Wanted To Try But Never Had The Courage To Wear (Until Now)

College is a time for self-exploration and expression –  with that in mind, if there are any new styles you’ve been dying to try, but never really thought you could pull off, just go for it! Try it on, rock it on campus, and don’t be afraid to be the best dressed in class! Chances are, your bravery will help spark new conversations with people who may just become some of the most important people in your life, during (and even after) college.



Written by Sophie Leung


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