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7 Things You Should Do Before the End of the Semester

It’s almost time to pack up those books and head home for the summer! Before you do, check out the 7 things you should do before the end of the semester:

  1. Register for Summer classes

The most important thing–Don’t forget to register for them! Whether you’re taking summer classes to graduate on-time or to graduate early, plan ahead and get yourself locked in!

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  1. Register for Fall classes

I know, it’s crazy that we’re talking about Fall semester when Spring semester is still in session! However,  it’s crucial that you stay on top of your registration dates and times! Put it on your phone, mark in on your calendar…just don’t  forget.



  1. Catch up on your reading (for class)

Be sure to catch up on any reading or assignments for class BEFORE finals week. It will make the end of the semester less stressful and you can have more “you” time..



  1. Find a summer internship

Tweak that resume, write a kick-ass cover letter and reach out to those connections! Wherever you want to intern, the first step is simple—Apply!  Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.  The right internship can pave the way to your future career.

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  1. Find a summer job

No plans for the summer? That’s okay! A summer job is always the right move. Work on your tan as a lifeguard, babysit the neighbors’ kids, or tear tickets at the local theater. It’s also good for your resume–and your wallet.



  1. Plan a vacation

It’s been a stressful semester. You deserve both relaxation and fun! Grab some friends or family.  Go somewhere! Do something! Enjoy yourself.



  1. Clean your dorm room

Before you know it, it’ll be time to reclaim your residence with Mom and Dad for the summer.  To make sure you’re ready to leave your dorm, make good use of your spare time.  Break out the vacuum, organize your drawers, get those papers filed.  It will making moving out at the end of the semester a breeze!



Whether you’re taking summer classes, found an internship, or are going on vacation, the Spring Semester is almost over and Summer is right around the corner!



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