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7 Things You’ll Wish You Brought to College

It’s almost that time of year again – college students everywhere are gearing up for the upcoming year and preparing to head back to school. Some students wing it with back-to-school packing, while others scour the web for every “Ultimate College Checklist” the internet has to offer. Nonetheless, even the most prepared students arrive at their dorms, moving boxes in tow, only to realize there are several things missing. Sure, you’ll bring the basics- linens, a shower caddy, hangers…the list goes on, but keep reading for a list of items you may not have thought to bring along.


Fabric Steamer

The clunky ironing boards our parents used are a thing of the past, thanks to steamers. With the limited drawer and closet space you’ll likely have, your clothes are bound to get wrinkled. Even if you weren’t much of an ironer before college, you will find that wrinkles seem to appear a lot more often when your entire wardrobe is confined to the limited storage your dorm room offers, and steamers are an easy-to-use solution.


Bluetooth Speaker

While streaming music from your phone or laptop is an option, a Bluetooth speaker is ideal for sound quality and volume control – whether you’re having a dorm room dance party with friends or just singing in the shower.


Extra-Long Phone Charger

Easily found online for a low price, extra-long phone chargers are a life-saver when your bed is bunked or lofted. The struggle is real when it comes to the lack of outlets in dorm rooms, so the extra length helps keep your phone charged while you scroll through social media from the comfort of your bed.


Something Scented

While candles are typically outlawed in most dorms, there are plenty of items on the market to keep your dorm room smelling…less like a dorm room. Essential oils, a scented plug-in, or room spray are necessary when you’re living in a shared space with a natural aroma of socks and pizza rolls.


Baking Sheet

Whether you’re a baking aficionado, or your cooking skills don’t extend beyond preparing toast, there will probably be at least one rough night that calls for some warm chocolate chip cookies (finals week, anyone?). Most dorms have a shared kitchen for the building and if you’re lucky, you may have one just for your floor. However, what these kitchens often lack is baking tools. If you really want to be prepared for whenever that cookie craving hits, bring along a baking sheet– they hardly take up any storage space and your sweet tooth will thank you.



By this point, someone has surely explained the importance of shower shoes to you, but did you remember to pack a pair of slippers, too? Dorm room floors can be cold and dusty so a cozy pair of slippers is the perfect way to keep your feet toasty and clean whether you’re hanging out in your room or making runs back and forth to the laundry room.


Childhood/Hometown Memento

There is most definitely a scale of sentimentality in college—some students often get homesick, while others are happy to break away from life at home. Either way, a childhood or hometown memento such as a favorite photo of your family or a sign with your town’s name or zip code adds a homey touch to your dorm room.



Written by Lauren Gilvar


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