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Tips for a stress-free summer semester

Just because it’s summer school doesn’t mean professors don’t turn up the heat in the classroom. Here are some tips for managing stress during the summer semester so you can spend a little less time in the books and more time on the beach!


Stay Hydrated

Stress can lead to dehydration. Combine this with rising temps and a busy day of class, and odds are you’re not drinking the water your body needs. There is a proven link between hydration and stress levels, so make sure to stay hydrated!


Get Some Vitamin D

Now that you’ve got hydration covered, it’s time to soak up the sun. It is summer after all! A healthy dose of sunshine reduces your chance of depression by keeping up serotonin levels. Just remember to lather on the SPF!


Eat Fresh

Treat yourself to ice cream every now and then, but try to eat more fresh foods when possible. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite seasonal fruits and veggies. Consuming these fruits and veggies helps to keep you healthy and energized.



Whether it means going for a swim, running on the treadmill, or even walking your dog, make time for your 30 minutes of exercise a day. As tempting as it is to curl up on the couch after class, you’ll feel more productive and alert after a little cardio.



Remember when you were little, and your only stress came from a broken crayon? Well, thanks to the adult coloring book craze, you can relive this childhood pastime. Research has shown coloring books to be just as effective as meditation – so break out the crayons!


Written by Lauren Gilvar

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