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The Best of “Professors Strike Back”

You wrote in comments, and these professors are having the last word. Check out some of the most colorful responses from our favorite “Professors Strike Back” episodes. And don’t forget, you can tweet your own profs’ most quotatious moments using the hashtag, #thingsmyprofessorsays. We’ll retweet the best ones!

1. “Everybody in America, every man-Jack and woman-Jill, knows that mtvU is responsible for Watergate, and for tupperware parties, and for zoning hearings… is responsible for Croc shoes, the hula hoop, Liberace, and the decline of The New York Post. Okay? And when these two powerful, secret, completely malicious organizations get together, why, they produce the mind boggles.”

Watch Rutgers University Professor Popper strike back:

2. “Your parents should have slapped you around when you were younger.”

Watch Baruch College Professor Tomasello strike back:

3. “I don’t think that anyone who’s cruel and mean and not nice at all would ever bail out his mother as many times as I have.”

Watch Honolulu Community College Professor Saviano strike back:

4. “I practically dropped out of high school. I don’t care about grades.”

Watch University of Michigan Professor Phoebe Gloeckner strike back:

5. “I only kicked over one desk that semester, because it was in my way and no one was hurt. And a little violence during class actually keeps everyone awake – gets the adrenaline running.”

Watch Temple University Professor Touey strike back:


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