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Celebrating the Top-Rated LGBTQ Studies Professors

In honor of Pride Month 2014, Rate My Professors is recognizing the country’s top-rated professors who teach LGBTQ-related courses. These professors have been rated highly by Rate My Professors’ users for their classes that explore queer theory, history and much more.

Learn more about the Top-Rated LGBTQ Studies Professors!

1. Ardel Thomas, City College of San Francisco (4.8)
As chair of the United States’ first LGBT Studies department, Professor Thomas both teaches and supervises other professors at City College of San Francisco. She says in her biography “teaching is one of the biggest loves of [her] life” and calls her position at CCSF a “dream job.” Professor Thomas recently published writings about Queer Gothic Horrors in Victorian times. At CCSF, she teaches introductory courses as well as more specific material about issues like writing culture before the Stonewall Riots.

2. Gayatri Gopinath, New York University (4.5)
New York University Professor Gopinath’s students call her “charismatic and engaging.” She teaches Queer Culture classes, and has written about queer diasporas in South Asia.

3. Heather Lukes, Occidental College (4.2)
Professor Lukes teaches some more in-depth LGBTQ Studies courses on topics such as “queer color critique” and “queer L.A.” Rate My Professors’ users call her smart, “A gem of a professor” and they praise her “dry humor.”

4. Jason Roush, Emerson College (4.2)
Professor Roush teaches at Emerson College, which has ranked as the country’s #1 LGBT-Friendly School according to the Princeton Review. He proposed to teach the school’s first queer studies course in 2001, and since then Professor Roush’s classes have impacted students’ lives both in and outside of class. One student told Professor Roush after learning about gay men’s history in the AIDS epidemic, that he was able to talk to his mother about the ways his brother struggled before passing away from an AIDS-related illness.

5. Don Romesburg, Sonoma State University (4.0)
Three of the six classes Professor Romesburg teaches are related to LGBTQ Studies. Students say he makes the material even more interesting than it seems, and one even comments that he is, “the kind of guy that will go out of his way you if you have a problem.”

The Top-Rated LGBTQ Studies Professors were compiled from a list of professors in the United States who have more than five ratings total, and at least one rating from June 2013 – May 2014. You can also check out Rate My Professors’ official Top Lists from 2013.


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