Create a Certified Professor Account

Hey professors! With a Certified Professor account, you can have your say and make your professor page more inviting. Once you're in, you can:

  • Add professor feedback
  • Upload a photo
  • Get RSS updates on new ratings
  • Add a Twitter follow button
  • and more!


If you are not a professor, sign up for a regular account instead.

If you are a professor and accidentally made a regular account, delete your original account. You can log in and click "my account" in the top right corner, then hit "Delete account."

You need an active .EDU e-mail address to make a Certified Professor account. If you are a professor but do not have a .EDU e-mail, contact us with the subject, "Help creating or updating a professor account."

You also need an active professor page (the page where ratings appear) before you create a Certified Professor account. If you don't have a page yet, add yourself and encourage students to rate you.

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