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Professors Share Their Top 34 Tips For The End Of Semester

It’s finally the end of the semester (and what a wild one it was)! As it comes to an end, we asked professors to share their best tips and advice for students. Check it out! 

1. “Communication is key. Most Professors understand life sometimes is difficult, but Professors are not Magicians. We can’t help students if we don’t know they are struggling. Reach out to your Professor if you are going through something that is affecting your performance in their classes.”

2. “If you’re behind in doing assignments, reach out to your instructor, you will probably get some extensions.”

3. “Form solid virtual studying habits — e.g., keep a dedicated/efficient workspace, set reasonable start/stop times for your work sessions — and these will carry over to when you enter the workforce, and find that telework (either part-time or full-time) is an increasing reality, especially in a post-coronavirus world.”

4. “Spend time practicing your newly learned skills so they stay fresh and aren’t forgotten by September, when it will be expected that you remembered most of it.”

5. “Be passionate about your major!!! Learn for knowledge – not grades!!!”

6. “Sleep well, eat well, stay positive, and take care of your mental health. All those factors will help you study well and perform well in your final exams.”

7. “Don’t ever be afraid to share with your instructors your experiences with remote learning, good or bad – instructors sincerely want your learning experience to be fantastic in every way; that you learn new, useful things and enjoy class. Many of your instructors have NEVER taught online so YOUR advise is worth it’s weight in gold to them.”

8. “Churchill said.. “if you are going through Hell .. keep going.” Students, you’ve gone through the worst of it already this semester, reach inside for the best you have and keep going … we’re almost there. And oh, the stories you’ll tell your grandchildren.”

9. “Stay the course. Communicate regularly with your instructor. Be patient with yourself. Study in short blocks of time (up to 30 minutes) and exercise in between. Use this as an opportunity to learn computer skills and study skills. You got this!”

10. “Be confident, stay motivated, do your best and finish strong! You are at the finish line of a challenging academic semester! I wish you the best of luck on your finals and for the rest of the year!”

11. “Amid COVID-19 outbreak, this semester is similar to no other semesters. I just want to tell our students that no matter what life brings for us, we are all in this temporary phase together . We have to stay positive and organized and we will come out of this stronger.”

12. “Be gentle with yourself! You can only control so much.”

13. “We’re all just barely hanging on here. You know what they call a Dr. who got a B in medical school? A DOCTOR. Just get it done.”

14. “Communicate with your professors! We do not want you to struggle! Let us know what is wrong so that we can help you. That is what we get paid to do! We know this has been hard and we are proud of your effort. Finish strong!”

15. “Try to schedule “work” time. Set that time aside each day so you know what to look forward to (or avoid!), and if you have no schedule at all, at least you will have undivided attention during your school/work time. My summer reading list includes The Secret Garden (because we all wish we had a secret garden escape right now, am I right?).”

16. “It’s ok to ask questions for clarification on an assignment. You can also ask a professor if they would conduct a phone or online office hour for you.”

17. “These last few weeks are tough, but right now even more difficult. Make your end-of-the-semester checklist: all your assignments w/due dates and keep it where you will see it. Work on those papers little by little instead of trying to write them in 2 hours time.”

18. “Be resilient! This will always help you, in college and beyond!”

19. “If you are taking an online course, just pretend it’s a face-to-face and set aside a dedicated hour on a day (or two) a week to listen (or watch) lectures, take notes, study online resources, and do lab (if it’s a science) activities. It’s easy to push an online course to the back burner, but to get the most out of it, adhere to a schedule!”

20. “Keep on going, be active, have a routine to maintain your success and most important, allow yourself breaks!”

21. “Create a small, clean work space at home that you can go to to be your most productive, and schedule out a few hours in the morning or evening to spend on coursework. Post class calendars nearby and jot down notes and to-do’s. Check online platforms for announcements and new information from your instructor – communication, both ways, is key!”

22. “The entire world has changed! Yours and mine too… My best advice to you is to stay safe, happy and positive. Study more than required by your professors, but have fun too… and on the way don’t forget your family, your loved ones, your friends, your community, our beautiful country and the entire world… we are ALL in the SAME boat…”

23. “You all are so close! It’s been tough, but you’re surely tougher! Stay strong in this final stretch and we’ll be here to help you cross the finish line!”

24. “Get out and Get involved. Please consider volunteering with an agency to provide food to the needy or deliver supplies or even to donate blood while you are young, active and healthy. Being connected to your community will help lessen the burden of viral distancing requirements and looks great on your resume when you graduate.”

25. “Raise your arms in the air in victory and yell “I did it!” You’ve been through a lot and it’s easy to move on to the next thing (whether it’s another semester, work, family life, etc…), but it’s important to acknowledge what you’ve been through and take pride in how you’ve handled it.”

26. “When I was an undergraduate student, one of my chemistry professors wrote the following inscription to me in a copy of the textbook he had authored:, “You have been a student that has made my career well worth the effort.” Be that kind of student!”

27. “It was a tough one, and you’re making it through. Don’t stress too much, take it one day at a time, and find time to enjoy the life you’re living!”

28. “Everyone is having challenges in their lives this term. If you are having difficulties and have not been able to complete you assignments, explain your situation to your professors. They are likely to be supportive.”

29. “Routine, routine, routine. There’s still time, whether you’re in the beginning, middle or last couple weeks of classes. If you don’t have a routine, create one. Model it after last semester’s schedule or what a typical on-campus schedule would look like. Get up, get dressed and start your day — even if you’re not leaving the house!”

30. “Focus on your end of semester assignments. Even though you may not be in person, this part of your academic journey is still important. Way to go!”

31. “Don’t treat this like a break or a vacation just because you are at home. Your career is at stake here. Try to make better use of all the free time gained from not commuting, hanging out, going out etc. to get an edge. Do some extra reading, online searches relevant to your studies.”

32. “This message is for the graduates of 2020…no matter what may be going on around the world and in the US, your accomplishment is yours to celebrate and cherish. Although the celebration may look different than anticipated, your accomplishment is real, important, and integral to the overall success of you and your families’ lives. Congratulations!”

33. “Manage your time and communicate with your professors–we’re here to make sure you succeed, not fail you!”

34. “Adversity brings strength if we choose. We can become bitter or better. Choose better!”


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