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What happens to Rate My Professors when you don’t rate? (Hint: it’s not pretty)

You read Rate My Professors obsessively before registering for classes – but have you rated? No, you say? We’ve got six reasons you should drop whatever you’re doing and contribute now!

1. Rate My Professors needs your ratings to stay awesome
Picture this frightening scenario: you’re about to register for classes, so you fire up Rate My Professors, of course. But there must be a mistake, because, gulp… there are NO NEW RATINGS!

You guessed it…Rate My Professors needs your contributions so we can stay great. So rate your profs (and tell your friends to do the same) and everything will be fine!

2. Our sweet new features give you more ways to rate
The new and improved, mobile- friendly has dropped, giving you more specific and accurate ways to rate your professors. Add descriptive tags to let users know if your prof is a tough-as-nails grader, a pop quiz fanatic, or an amazing lecturer. You can also mark ratings that are useful (or not), and filter searches by what’s most relevant to you.

3. You’re keeping your profs on point
While most of our ratings are positive (yes, it’s true!) your feedback lets professors know what’s working…and what’s not. Plus, you’re helping fellow students make better decisions on the profs they choose.

4. You could save someone’s semester
If Rate My Professors has helped you survive college, it’s time to pay it forward. Our content is totally user-generated: that means your ratings keep RMP for students, by students. We know you’re full of opinions on your new profs — so let your voice be heard, and help out other users along the way! (Don’t see your professor? Add him or her)

5. Give back to an awesome prof (and rep your school)
Have you ever had a phenomenal prof that totally changed the way you felt about a subject? Write a glowing review on RMP, and maybe he or she could end up on one of our annual top lists (all while boosting your school’s rating).

6. Your comments are totally anonymous, as always
Rate My Professors doesn’t display any of your personal info on the site, so you can be honest and objective in your comments.

We can’t wait to hear how your classes are going so far! Rate your profs today — you could save someone’s semester!


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