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The 2014-2015 Annual Top Lists Are Here!

The Rate My Professors 2014-2015 annual Top Lists have arrived! Using ratings submitted by you, the students, we’ve ranked the top professors and schools in the country.

Topping the nation’s list of universities are University of Mississippi and University of Wisconsin-Madison, while Santa Barbara City College and Valencia College – Osceola Campus clinched the top spots on our list of highest ranked junior and community colleges.

Montclair State University’s Timothy Purnell, a Health Sciences professor, leads the list of top university professors. Purnell’s glowing ratings contained the following praise from his students with one student stating, “I learned a ton from his class,” and another exclaiming “This was my favorite class at Montclair.”

Melinda Shoemaker, a Behavioral Sciences professor from Broward College, held her spot as the top junior and community college professor for the second year in a row. It’s no wonder she’s back in the top spot with praises like, “She is absolutely amazing,” and “100% recommend her for all the different classes she teaches” sprinkled throughout her ratings comments.

Meanwhile, psychology professor Paul Evans at Brigham Young University secured the top spot on the annual Hottest Professors list and garnered much praise from students, “Dr. Evans is hilarious and was so helpful.” Another student said, “I was finally able to understand biology in a way I never had before.”

For the fourth year running, we’ve also created our unofficial Fun Lists in conjunction with the release of the official Top Lists.

Find out more about our Top Lists Ranking Methodology, and click the links below to view the full lists.

Rate My Professors’ 2013-2014 Top Lists

Highest Rated University Professors 

Highest Rated Junior and Community College Professors 

Highest Rated Universities 

Highest Rated Junior and Community Colleges 

Hottest Professors

Fun Lists

Congratulations to all schools and professors who made the lists this year!


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