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Highest Rated University Professors of 2017-2018

Each year, the largest online destination for professor ratings, compiles a list of the top professors based on ratings from you, the students. Check out the list below to see who made the 2017-2018 list of Highest Rated University Professors.

  1. Criminal Justice, University of Alabama
  2. Information Technology, Georgia Gwinnett College
  3. Mathematics, University of Maryland University College
  4. Biology, William Paterson University
  5. Criminal Justice, National Louis University
  6. Mathematics, Rutgers – State University of New Jersey
  7. Languages, University of North Georgia – Gainesville
  8. Education, University of La Verne
  9. Education, Howard University
  10. Computer Science, New York University
  11. General Studies, Montclair State University
  12. Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University
  13. Mathematics, Southeastern Louisiana University
  14. Hospitality, Arizona State University
  15. Music, Brigham Young University
  16. English, Arizona State University
  17. Criminology, Rutgers – State University of New Jersey
  18. Ceramics, California State University San Bernardino
  19. Law, St. John’s University
  20. Finance, International American University
  21. Comparative Literature, California State University Long Beach
  22. Education, San Diego State University
  23. English, University of North Georgia – Gainesville
  24. Physical Education, Appalachian State University
  25. Mathematics, East Carolina University

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